1. How to make a docker machine from an old laptop

    On OS X you can not run Docker natively. Instead, you must use a virtual machine. It is common to run out of memory if you run multiple virtualized docker containers, IDEs, Chrome tabs and so. Although it is possible to use cloud instance as docker machine the high latency is an issue. An alternative for that is to run Docker Machine on a spare laptop in a local network. In this post I briefly describe how I did it.

    docker, generic, laptop, machine, osx, ubuntu

  2. How to run play using docker compose

    Config for docker compose which runs play application in development mode with auto-reload feature enabled and allows linking dependent services.

    activator, compose, docker, play

  3. Building Docker images using Chef

    Chef is a great configuration management tool. It allows managing environments, supports multiple platforms, handles updates, but takes a lot of time to deploy software from scratch. Chef is not like Docker, which allows spinning up containers in seconds. If you are already using Chef, then you might not have time to rewrite all the Cookbooks into Dockerfiles. In this post, I’m showing how to build Docker images quickly using existing Chef Cookbooks.

    automation, chef, container, cookbook, deployment, docker, kitchen